URGENT ALERT – ISO Climate Change Amendments!

ISO recently amended all ISO management system standards (MSS) to include requirements for organizations to consider the effects of climate change. If your organization holds a current certification to ISO 9001, 14001 or 45001 you can expect to be asked “has your organization determined whether climate change is a relevant issue?” during your next certification audit.

This new requirement is the result of a change to the ISO Harmonized Structure (Appendix 2 of the Annex SL in the ISO/IEC Directives Part 1 Consolidated ISO Supplement). Here is more background on the Harmonized Structure also referred to as the High Level Structure and Annex SL.

ISO announced the new requirement in an IAF/ISO Joint Communique indicating the climate change text highlighted below is effective immediately for all MSS.

ISO HLS revised requirements for context determination

Most organizations certified to ISO 14001 should be able to answer auditors questions about climate change relevance. Other organizations with current certification to ISO 9001 and/or 45001 might find it more difficult to avoid a nonconformity to these new requirements if they don’t act soon. Each organizations context is different and will influence how they address climate change in their MSS

Contact us if you have questions about how these new requirements might effect your organization ISO certification status.