ISO 14001 and Shared Operational Permits.

Sometimes organizations share environmental permits with other organizations.  

This is a common situation with many large industrial operations where several plants are contiguous, use a common wastewater treatment facility or obtain energy from other parts of the organization where it is generated. The key is to carefully define the Scope of the EMS to only include those activities that are under the direct control of the organization implementing the EMS.

One of our clients in the paper industry has a similar situation. They are leasing a portion of a large paper making complex to make something called paperboard. Portions of the leased property are covered under the landlords Tier 1 NPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit and addressed in the SWPPP. The landlord has stipulated in the lease agreement that our client needs to comply with the terms of the SWPPP and we incorporated the conditions of the SWPPP that apply into the EMS as an “other requirement”.

The organizations is certified by an ANAB accredited Certification Body which has accepted our interpretation of the SWPPP as an “other legal requirement”. Again the real key here is to carefully define the Scope of the EMS (4.1) to limit it to the physical areas and process that the organization can control.

Also see – 4.3.1 a) to identify the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services within the defined scope of the environmental management system that it can control and those that it can influence …..

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