Green Tier Audits, Stakeholder Confidence, and Business in Wisconsin

Recently, we were privileged to address the Green Tier Advisors on the difference between the Green Tier audit process and other internationally accepted processes for certifying conformance of an organizations EMS.  A copy of the presentation handout is posted at the WDNR Green Tier website (

The purpose of our presentation was to ask the Green Tier advisors to consider important questions three important questions as follows:

1.  Is the Green Tier audit process adequate to assure stakeholders (citizens, WDNR and others) a reasonable level of confidence that the superior environmental performance claims by participants are valid?

2.  Why is there a gap between what the international community considers to be adequate EMS audits and what has been the practice in Wisconsin for Green Tier audits.

3.  Should WDNR be endorsing unverified claims of superior environmental performance made by Green Tier applicants?

Ideally we would like to try to stimulate some discussion here about these questions to help WDNR and the Green Tier advisors as they consider if enhancing the Green Tier audit process would be beneficial or if the audit process is adequate as it is.  You are encouraged to participate in the discussion and can do so anonymously or contribute representing yourself or your organizations. 

We intend to make additional related postings here shortly to flesh out these issues and provide information and resource to help interested parties better understand the questions. 

You are also welcome to call us with any questions about Green Tier or Green Tier audits at 920-648-4134

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