Integrated Management Systems Internal Auditor Training

Recently we were asked to deliver an encore edition of a four day IMS Internal Auditor training course for one of our clients. They are a large manufacturing facility surviving the recession and gaining market share, in part because of their robust management systems. This organization has chosen to invest in the competence of their internal auditor staff,  recognizing the value and importance of the “checking” part of their management system.

The course is three days of intense classroom and actual on the floor auditing. This learn-by- doing course includes review of the similarities and differences of the ISO14001, 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and includes numerous activities. Actual department audits are performed, findings written and a closing meeting with management is held at the end of the course actual audit. Student competence is evaluated during the course through observation of each individual’s performance by the course instructors.

This updated version of the course includes a new section focusing on the Lean Six Sigma programs used at the facility and what internal auditors need to know to ensure the gains made from Lean Six Sigma projects are sustained by the organization. The fourth day of the training is targeted to the more experienced Lead Auditors and helps develop leadership skills and attributes. The course includes a test at the end to check the auditor’s knowledge of the subject matter and to help confirm that the auditors possess  adequate competence to perform value-added effective IMS audits.

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About Kevin Lehner

Kevin has been president of ECSI for over 25 years. His practice focuses on environmental and health and safety management systems training, consulting and auditing. He is an active member of the US Technical Advisory Committees to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. He represents that USA at international meetings of these committees. He is also the lead developer of the CorrectTrack corrective action tracking app.