Who we are.

The purpose of this site is to share a view of the important Environmental Health and Safety issues businesses face and to provide information to those wishing to expand their competence in this area of organizational sustainability performance.

This website is maintained by Environmental Compliance Systems, Inc. as a resource to our clients, associates, friends and all other.   Our goal is to provide a perspective to be considered by those interested in helping their organizations improve it environmental performance.  We also strive to help those working to improve organizations quality and health and safety performance to understand how environmental management systems can be integrated with theses other continual improvement based management systems.

We welcome your contributions, questions and comments to and about this site.  You can contact us directory by emailing us at kalehner@envcompsys.com or calling us at 920-648-4134 or 262-949-0541.

Kevin A. Lehner
Environmental Compliance Systems, Inc.