Service Highlights

Our core consulting services include the following:

  • Contract Internal Audits (ISO 14001 and 9001; OHSAS 18001; TS 16949; and more…)
  • ISO quality environmental and health and safety consulting
  • Internal Auditor Training for all types of internal audits
  • Lead Auditor Training
  • Wisconsin Green Tier Audits
  • EPA and OSHA Internal Compliance Audits

Internal Audits

ECSI has performed hundreds of internal audits on behalf of our clients. Here are only a few of the benefits of having your internal audit performed by professional contracted auditors:

• A higher level of skill in performing the audits
• Better audit information that can be used by management to implement change
• Less cost than training and maintaining a group of internal auditors
• Value-added feedback on system effectiveness to help promote organizational change

ISO Quality Environmental and Health and Safety Consulting

We have over 30 years of consulting experience in facilitating organizational performance improvement. Our consulting practice includes the following core areas:

• ISO 14001
• ISO 9001
• OHSAS 18001
• TS 16949
• EH&S Regulatory Compliance
• Enviro-Lean (make more with less cost, less waste, and less pollution and injuries)

Internal Auditor Training for All Types of Internal Audits

We have trained thousands of professional auditors over the years in performing value- added internal audits. Our training can be tailored to exactly what you want and need. It can be classroom only or a combination of classroom and actual in-plant auditing. Some of our most popular programs are integrated, where students learn how to effectively audit quality health and safety and environmental management systems concurrently. We have developed on-site and off-site training programs for the following types of internal audits:

• ISO 14001
• ISO 9001
• OHSAS 18001
• TS 16949
• Integrated system (Quality health and safety and environmental)

Lead Auditor Training

From time to time, we offer RABQSA-certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 lead auditor courses in locations throughout the U.S. These 5-day classes are a great way for students to quickly come up to speed on what it takes to implement, operate, and audit EH&S management systems. Check out the course schedule for a class near you.

Wisconsin Green Tier Audits

Wisconsin is one of a few states that have a performance-based incentive program. Participants in the program receive benefits from the WDNR if they implement and audit an EMS. Part of the program requires that periodic outside audits of the EMS be performed by qualified auditors. ECSI has been approved by WDNR to perform these audits, and we do perform them regularly for our clients.

EPA and OSHA Internal Compliance Audits

Our professional auditors also help organizations manage the potential risk of noncompliance with EPA and OSHA rules. The scope of these audits can be tailored to each organization’s risk management needs. They can also be used to show evidence of conformance to and of both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We maintain strict confidentiality of any provided information or findings discovered during the audits and provide a follow-up potential noncompliance evaluation to close any potential non-compliance audit findings.

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