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uomo cerca donna Trento Organizations implementing an EMS need to ensure that their internal auditors have had adequate training. This training will enable them to efficiently collect the information needed to assess the EMS. This 3-day course is offered as a public course and can be delivered at a client’s location. 

donna cerca uomo Cinisello Who Should Attend

This course is beneficial for those who plan, schedule and/or perform EMS internal audits. Students will learn the relationship between audit criteria, audit evidence and audit findings, a fundamental understanding necessary for effective internal auditing.

Day One

Terminology and Definitions
Background, History, and Rationale for an EMS
Introduction to the ISO 14001 Series of Documents
Analysis of the Content of ISO 14001
Audit of Active Manufacturing (Audit #1)
Analyzing EMS Audit Findings
EMS Auditor Qualifications

Day Two 

Roles and Responsibilities
Creating Effective Audit Checklists
Audit of Company Documents (Audit#2)
Auditing Tips for the EMS Internal Auditor
Audit of Active Manufacturing - Department Audit (Audit #3)
Compiling Audit Findings
Documentation in the Environmental Management System

Day Three

Planning and Conducting Effective Audits
Refining Interviewing and Note-Taking Skills
Applicability of the Elements to Company Situations
Audit of Active Manufacturing - Department and System Auditing (Audit #4)
Corrective Action Initiation and Closure
Creating an EMS Audit Report
Preparation and Presentation of a Closing Meeting


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Madison, WI
October 3-7, 3016
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Above courses offered in association with our training partner AQS Management Systems

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